Occurrence record: 47c6b589-363d-46ce-9061-a8219ce1dcf4

OCCURRENCE of Cladotanytarsus Kieffer, 1921 recorded on 2011-12-01


Data resource MDFRC macroinvertebrate survey
Institution Supplied institution code "MDBA"
Basis of record OCCURRENCE
Licence CC-BY-Int
Institution id in94
Occurrence status PRESENT
Sampling protocol [Rock Basket]


Record date 2011-12-01
Supplied date "2011-12-01T00:00:00"
Sampling protocol ["Rock Basket"]
Event id 171762
Event remarks Caught in trap no. 3
Date precision DAY


Scientific name Cladotanytarsus
Taxon rank genus
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Diptera
Family Chironomidae
Supplied as "tr.Tanytarsini"
Genus Cladotanytarsus
Match type exactMatch
Scientific name authorship Kieffer, 1921
Verbatim taxon rank Genus


Higher geography Murray
Country Australia
State or territory South Australia
Locality Murtho
Latitude -34.0684
Supplied as: "-34.0684"
Longitude 140.8111
Supplied as: "140.8111"
Geodetic datum EPSG:4326
Water body Murray
Coordinate precision Unknown
Terrestrial true
Verbatim latitude 34.0684
Marine false
Country code AU
Verbatim longitude 140.8111
Location id 812 - Murtho

Additional properties

sample size value 6.153846153846153
verbatim measurement accuracy 0.65
verbatim sample size value 4

User flagged issues 

User Assertion Status:

Data quality tests

Test name Result
Basis of record badly formed Warning
Coordinate uncertainty meters invalid Warning
Country inferred from coordinates Warning
First of the month Warning
Geodetic datum assumed WGS84 Warning
Ambiguous institution Passed
Continent country mismatch Passed
Continent derived from coordinates Passed
Continent invalid Passed
Coordinates centre of country Passed
Supplied coordinates centre of state Passed
Coordinate accuracy invalid Passed
Coordinate invalid Passed
Coordinates are out of range for species Passed
Coordinate precision uncertainty mismatch Passed
Coordinates converted to WGS84 Passed
Decimal latitude/longitude conversion failed Passed
Coordinate reprojection suspicious Passed
Coordinate rounded Passed
Coordinates dont match supplied country Passed
Country invalid Passed
Country mismatch Passed
Different owner institution Passed
First of the century Passed
First of the year Passed
Unrecognized geodetic datum Passed
Georeferenced after occurrence date Passed
Identification date before occurrence date Passed
Institution and Collection mismatch Passed
Institution match fuzzy Passed
Institution not matched Passed
Interpretation error Passed
Invalid scientific name Passed
Location not supplied Passed
Missing collection date Passed
Multimedia date invalid Passed
Multimedia uri invalid Passed
Name not supplied Passed
Occurrence status inferred from basis of record Passed
Occurrence status inferred from individual count Passed
Occurrence status unparsable Passed
Possibly on loan Passed
Latitude is negated Passed
Longitude is negated Passed
Presumed swapped coordinate Passed
Recorded date invalid Passed
Recorded date mismatch Passed
Recorded date unlikely Passed
Sensitivity report invalid Passed
Sensitivity report not loadable Passed
Coordinates dont match supplied state Passed
Taxon affinity species Passed
Taxon confer species Passed
Taxon default match Passed
Taxon error Passed
Taxon excluded Passed
Taxon excluded associated Passed
Taxon homonym Passed
Taxon indeterminate species Passed
Taxon match aggregate Passed
Taxon match fuzzy Passed
Taxon match higher rank Passed
Taxon match none Passed
Taxon misapplied Passed
Taxon misapplied matched Passed
Taxon parent child synonym Passed
Taxon question species Passed
Resource taxonomic scope mismatch Passed
Taxon species plural Passed
Coordinate precision and uncertainty transposed Passed
Uncertainty not specified Passed
Supplied country not recognised Passed
Kingdom not recognised Passed
Unrecognized collection code Passed
Unrecognized institution code Passed
Supplied coordinates are zero Passed
biosecurityIssue Passed
Suspected outlier Passed
Geospatial issue Passed
Habitat incorrect for species Passed
Taxon misidentified Passed
Taxonomic issue Passed
Temporal issue Passed
userAssertionOther Passed
userDuplicateRecord Passed
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Additional political boundaries information

Area Management
Directory of Important Wetlands Riverland Wetland Complex
NRM Regions 2010 South Australian Murray Darling Basin
NRM Regions 2017 South Australian Murray Darling Basin
Area management
National Landcare Program Management Units 2018 South Australian Murray Darling Basin
IBRA 6 Regions Riverina
IBRA 7 Regions Riverina
IBRA 7 Subregions Murray Scroll Belt
Drainage Divisions Level 1 Murray-Darling Basin
Drainage Divisions Level 2 DARLING RIVER
States including coastal waters South Australia (including Coastal Waters)
ASGS Australian States and Territories South Australia
Australian States and Territories South Australia
Indigenous Land Use Agreements The River Murray and Crown Lands ILUA
Local Government Areas 2011 Renmark Paringa (DC)
Local Government Areas PSMA 2018 RENMARK PARINGA COUNCIL
National Native Title Register (NNTR, Determinations of Native Title) - boundaries and core attributes First Peoples of the River Murray & Mallee Region
PSMA ABS Census Indigenous Language Speakers by Area - I01B (2016) 3
PSMA ABS Census Selected Person Characteristics by Indigenous Status by Area - I01A (2016) 246
PSMA ABS Greater Capital City Statistical Areas (2016) REST OF SA
PSMA ABS SA2 Statistical Areas (2016) RENMARK REGION
PSMA ABS SA3 Statistical Areas (2016) MURRAY AND MALLEE
PSMA Commonwealth Electoral Boundaries (2018) BARKER
PSMA Indigenous Areas (2016) RENMARK PARINGA
PSMA Indigenous Locations (2016) RENMARK PARINGA
PSMA Indigenous Regions (2016) ADELAIDE
PSMA Remoteness Areas (2016) Outer Regional Australia
PSMA State Electoral Boundaries (2018) LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL
World Country Boundaries Australia
Sensitive Data Layers
Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone - Tri State FFEZ
Australia's Indigenous forest estate (2013) v2.0 Non-Indigenous, Non forest
Forests of Australia 2018B Eucalypt Medium Woodland
NVIS 4.1 Major Vegetation Groups Inland aquatic - freshwater, salt lakes, lagoons
NVIS 4.1 Major Vegetation Subgroups Freshwater, dams, lakes, lagoons or aquatic plants
Tenure of Australia's forests (2013) v2.0 Private Freehold
Vegetation types - native Eucalypt woodlands
Vegetation types - present cleared, non-native vegetation, buildings

Environmental sampling for this location

Precipitation - annual (Bio12) 251.0 mm
Precipitation - coldest quarter (Bio19) 74.0 mm
Precipitation - driest period (Bio14) 2.0 mm
Precipitation - driest quarter (Bio17) 42.0 mm
Precipitation - seasonality (Bio15) 28.0 mm
Precipitation - warmest quarter (Bio18) 53.0 mm
Precipitation - wettest period (Bio13) 8.0 mm
Precipitation - wettest quarter (Bio16) 82.0 mm
Radiation - annual mean (Bio20) 18.5 MJ/m2/day
Radiation - seasonality (Bio23) 38.0
Radiation - warmest quarter (Bio26) 26.8 MJ/m2/day
Temperature - annual mean (Bio01) 17.5 degrees C
Temperature - annual range (Bio07) 28.3 degrees C
Temperature - coldest period min (Bio06) 4.7 degrees C
Temperature - coldest quarter mean (Bio11) 11.3 degrees C
Temperature - diurnal range mean (Bio02) 13.8 degrees C
Temperature - driest quarter mean (Bio09) 19.5 degrees C
Temperature - isothermality (Bio03) 0.49 %
Temperature - seasonality (Bio04) 1.71
Temperature - warmest period max (Bio05) 32.9 degrees C
Temperature - warmest quarter (Bio10) 23.9 degrees C
Temperature - wettest quarter mean (Bio08) 15.1 degrees C
WorldClim: Temperature - isothermality 49.0 %
Moisture Index - annual mean (Bio28) 0.18
Moisture Index - highest quarter mean (Bio32) 0.37
Elevation 14.0 m