About MDBA

Our role

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (the MDBA) is an independent expertise-based Australian government agency, led by a Chief Executive. We are part of the Agriculture and Water Resources portfolio, and report to the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

We lead the planning and management of the Murray–Darling Basin water resources (surface and ground water), and coordinate and maintain collaborative long-term strategic relationships with other Australian Government, Basin state and territory government and local agencies; industry groups; scientists and research organisations.

Our activities support the sustainable and integrated management of the water resources of the Murray–Darling Basin in a way that balances the social, economic and environmental needs of the Basin and its communities.

What we do

Our work is directed by the Water Act 2007 which prescribes a range of functions we must carry out, including to:

The Basin Plan, adopted on 22 November 2012, provides a coordinated approach to water use across the Basin's four States and the ACT. The Basin Plan encompasses is a large body of work that we will that we will develop, coordinate and implement through to 2024. manage collaboratively with the Australian, Basin State and Australian Capital Territory governments through to 2024.